Light Duty Lathe Machine

Available in different models in Belt Driven and All Geared segments. Major specifications are as under. Accordingly to name, machines are specially designed for turning or facing need to light or small components. We are also offering customized machine according to application of customer’s job.

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SL-1 04’-06” 635mm 241mm 165mm 40mm
SL-2 05’-03” 865mm 241mm 165mm 40mm
SL-3 06’-00” 1090mm 241mm 165mm 40mm
SL-1A 04’-06” 635mm 280mm 200mm 52mm
SL-2A 05’-03” 865mm 280mm 200mm 52mm
SL-3A 06’-00” 1090mm 280mm 200mm 52mm

ABC = Admit Between Centre
Specifications are approximate only.
Specification and design of machine subject to change without ay notice due to continuous product improvement.